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System Administration has several specific disciplines. At SDS we look at this from two perspectives. The first is the workstation or desktop / laptop. We support Windows XP, Vista and the latest release Windows 7. The second perspective consists of back office systems like the network, and servers that support the information technology infrastructure of a business.

  • Desktop / Laptop – This device is the key asset used by every office. We can keep this up to date, virus free and backed up.

  • Network – When you have one or more computers, being connected to the Internet is important. Having someone hack your network, server or workstation can be disastrous. SDS can configure your routers and firewall to minimize an unplanned break in your firewall. In addition to the basic network administrative work, we can design your network and extend the cabling to each desktop.

  • Server – Most businesses have some type of server in place. It could be as simple as a file server to store the common business data to a cluster of servers to provided redundant server support. SDS is able to support Windows, Unix and Linux servers.